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If the world cooperates, we are going to Japan for Winter break.... so I have bought about every Japanese cookbook I can find and am digging in deep learning all I can.  This recipe is a combination of yumminess gathered from 'Japanese cooking at Home' and the NY times.  Shabu Shabu dishes are generally some sort of beef or pork simmered in broth and eaten dipped in a sauce.  Here we make a yummy broth from fresh ginger, miso and kombu (dried seaweed) and send it alongside lightly sauteed veggies and tofu.  Heat the broth & veggies, combine them then dip the veggies in the provided dipping sauce and enjoy the broth at the end.  On the side, soba noodles tossed with leeks, spring onions and fresh ginger.

Vegetable Shabu Shabu with Kombu Miso Broth

  • Single Regular Large
    1 meal for: 

    • 1 adult

    1 meal for:

    • 2 adults

    • 1 toddler

    1 meal for:

    • 2 adults

    • 2 toddlers

  • Onion, scallions, garlic, kombu, miso, ginger, daikon, white mushrooms, baby bok choy, parsnips, tofu

    Tamari, chives, ginger, jalapeno, rice wine vinegar

    Soba, olive oil, fresh ginger, leeks, mirin, spring onions