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About Us

Related House Chef has partnered with Jennie’s Kitchen NYC to bring residents 
exclusive culinary experience at home. 

We are pleased to be partnering with Jennie’s Kitchen NYC to bring a unique culinary experience to our Related community. The chef-curated menu will include classic dishes along with a diverse selection of new weekly menu items bringing you a peak season variety of unique flavors.


Everything we do at Jennie’s Kitchen extends beyond our customers’ experience, starting with the fresh ingredients we select, to the expert techniques we practice, and ultimately to the delicious, healthy culinary dishes we deliver.

The benefits go way beyond just good nutrition. The magic is not so much in the recipe, it is in getting the highest quality ingredients to put into the recipe — superior ingredients absolutely make a superior end product. We do all the hard work so you have the time to truly enjoy a culinary experience.

At Jennie’s Kitchen we source local, artisanal ingredients from markets and specialty shops all over Manhattan. Our beef and lamb are grass-fed and come from a small batch butcher in Uptown. Our fruits and veggies are farm-fresh and come from the Union Square Market. We also ship in specialty chilis, tortillas and Mexican ingredients from Southern California. And, our eggs come from a farm in Connecticut. We continually search for innovative ways to bring you healthy, organic comfort food that reheats well and and serves quickly. Healthy, thought out meals at the table on a consistent basis has great long-term value.

Our customers are like our extended family. When we cook for your family it is like cooking for our own. For over a decade we have been serving customers ranging from single professionals to busy families all over New York City. We invite you to try us out and see how your quality of life will improve with your very first delivery! We look forward to serving the Related community!

Bon Appétit, Enjoy, Provecho!

Simplify your week!
Shop the updated menu during the ordering window (Wednesday afternoon - Tuesday evening) and select a delivery option for the following delivery cycle.

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